Men's Concerns

counseling-for-menSometimes, men get stuck. They have a tendency to stuff things down and hope that those issues will eventually go away, or somehow just resolve themselves in time. Men also have a natural desire to fix things quickly on their own. Sometimes there is no quick fix, and in doing that, problems can get worse rapidly. At Lifeline Christian Counseling Center we have several therapists able to help men with intimacy, communication, and in other issues listed.

• Depression
• Anxiety
• Communication
• Sexual addictions
• Stress
• Anger and domestic violence
• School difficulties
• Parenting issues
• Marriage enrichment
• Prepare and Enrich assessments
• Conflict resolution


Women's Concerns

therapy-for-womenThe world of a woman is so full. Whether you have a partner or not, are a mother or not, are employed or not, you have so much on which you are focused. There are facets about your physical health that puzzle you, as well as how they might affect your emotional well-being, and vice versa. You may have begun to wonder if there are lingering effects of invisible wounds or even patterns you observed in others earlier in your life that interfere in your current life, even into significant relationships or how you feel about yourself.

At Lifeline Christian Counseling Center we have several therapists able to help you address many of the following concerns, some who specialize in particular areas:

• stress management
• body image; weight management
• goals for life and how to accomplish them
• self-esteem
• relationships and how to navigate them at various stages
• recognizing abusive interactions and how to handle them differently
• grief and loss
• single parenting
• communication and healthier boundaries
• peri-menopausal and menopausal physical health and how each can affect your emotional well-being, as well as how to improve both
• having abuse (emotional, physical, sexual) as part of one's life previously; learning how to recognize its effects and what to do differently