Why is Play Therapy Helpful for Children ages 3-12 years old?

play-therapyPlay therapy is helpful for children because it uses play situations for diagnosing and treatment. A play therapist observes a child playing with toys to determine the cause of the presenting behavior. The toys and patterns of play, as well as the willingness to interact with the play therapist are used to understand the underlying reasons for behavior both inside and outside of the play therapy session.

Play is important because it is more internally motivated and reflects the reality of the child. Specifically, it helps the child express his/her feelings, explore relationships, tell about experiences, express wishes, develop social skills, and learn self-mastery skills so that he/she can grow into a happier more well-adjusted person.

Lifeline's play therapists will work with children and the following difficulties:

• Adjusting to family changes
• Making friends
• Excessive anger, fear, sadness, worry
• Aggression and acting out
• School difficulties
• ADD and ADHD
• Abuse and Neglect
• Social adjustment issues
• Sleeping and eating difficulties
• Self-image and self-esteem
• Trauma
• Grief and Loss
• Chronic illness/hospitalizations
• Physical symptoms w/o medical cause
• Bonding and attachment
• Foster care, adoption and identity
• Selective mutism

For more information, see our printable Play Therapy FAQ.

At Lifeline Christian Counseling Center we have four registered play therapists to work with your child. During the intake process you will be matched up with a therapist based on the need of your child, your insurance if you choose to utilize it, and availability of the therapist. They are as follows:

Ginger Brown
Stacy Johnson
Roxanne Quinn
Denise Weller